A Big Update. Part 2

May 3, 2007 at 10:49 am (Listening Log, Music)

And Finally: ATP (All Tomorrow’s Parties)Brilliant. So much fun and very strange having a festival in butlins.

Unexpected highlights: Digital Primitives and Yann Tiersen

Expected Highlights: Low, A Silver Mount Zion, Grinderman

Lowlights: Joanna Newsom. She was as annoying as I thought. Also, Secretary. Just becasue you have a short skirt and thick glasses, it doesn’t mean your saxophone playing is good.

 Non music highlights: Comando rolling out of the way of an oncoming van. Creating a limbo in the Indie Disco. Having to think twice before ever accepting popcorn from James again. Being mocked about Ska and Bakelite. Coming to love CSS and Blue Oyster Cult. Learning the “difference” between old and new melvins. Not eating KFC

For more see photos and Ste’s post on the Triforce and the comments on Drowned In Sound.

 Next gig: Todger. I kid you not.


1 Comment

  1. Tom Kerswill said,

    Sounds like a very good festival! Next year, I’m going to try and make it!

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